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- You will never look or feel the way you want. It’s just not meant to be -
- In order to be healthy you must be overly restrictive on what you eat -
- Since you can never stay at or get to your “goal weight,” it means you have failed -
- Your body is just something you have to deal with -
- There is no light at the end of this tunnel. Hating your body is just a part of life -

Since you’re here right now, something tells me you are struggling to drop your unhealthy habits and negative self-talk to become the best, strongest, and healthiest version of yourself.

You want it so bad. But you’re stuck. You may feel like..

No matter what you try whether it be a new diet that promises results in as little as 6 weeks (don’t they all), an exercise routine at the gym, or a snazzy popular fitness class that your best friend swears will melt the pounds right off, you can’t seem to get healthy. 

It must be something you are doing wrong, right?


You my friend, are doing absolutely everything right. It is the diet and weight loss industry that is doing it wrong. 

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You will never look or feel the way you want. It’s just not meant to be.

In order to be healthy you must be overly restrictive on what you eat.

Since you can never stay at or get to your “goal weight,” it means you have failed.

Your body is just something you have to deal with.

There is no light at the end of this tunnel. Hating your body is just a part of life.

We are programmed to believe that if we can’t get our bodies to fit into a specific size, we have failed. Or if we don’t eat strict portions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins we aren’t worthy. 

Trust me, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to measure your worth by the number on the scale. 

This is why my health coaching is so unique and important in your journey of self-love and empowerment. I do things a little differently than most health coaches. Some of my core principles in my 3 and 6 month programs are..

Weight is just a number. It not only does not determine your worth but it also does not determine your health. I focus on the quality of what you are doing. Does the food on your plate get you excited to eat? No? Then you’re doing it wrong. 

Your body is an intuitive and innate being. Given half the chance, it will heal itself. What does that mean? We pump our bodies full with physical and emotional toxins that manifest as disease and illness. If we eliminate stressors and follow the intuition of our bodies, we can get well.

When we make self-care a part of our daily routine we will flourish, both physically and emotionally. Taking moments throughout the day for yourself produces positive feelings and keeps away the negative effects of stress, so your body and mind can function optimally (and so you can be happy, too).

Why should you listen to me? Because it took me years to realize that no diet will ever make me happy and no jean size will take all my problems away. I like to think I hated my body for all those years so you don’t have to.

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It all started when I was around 9 years old. I had a growth spurt before most of the girls my age along with frizzy hair, a rockin’ unibrow, and hairy arms thanks to my Italian roots. I started noticing that clothes fit me differently than my friends. I wore a size large before most of them and needed a bra at the ripe age of 8. 

I remember when the coaches used to hand out jerseys in AYSO soccer. I would look at the way the shirts fit everyone else and was embarrassed when I saw how snug mine fit around my shoulders, through my chest and into my stomach. This was right around the time I began “sucking in” my stomach, a habit I carried on through college and sometimes even catch myself doing now. 

In high school I managed to lose weight. How? It was called the “fat smash” diet. It consisted of no meat, little to no carbs, and daily allowances of egg whites and lentils (oh and did I mention as much water and raw vegetables as I wanted, yay! right?). I played sports year round and after practices I would come home and workout even more to fitness DVDs I would rent from the local library I worked at. 

I remember going out to lunch or dinner with my friends, tallying up calories of what I was ordering to make sure it was under 400 calories. Did you know there is hardly anything at Applebee’s under 400 calories?! I was the smallest I had ever been, but I was miserable and exhausted. The insecurities never went away, they just transformed. It didn’t matter how small I was, I always found something to criticize about myself. 

Fast forward 10 years and many diets and weight fluctuations later and I finally realized that health and happiness are independent of external circumstances. What really matters is living with gratitude, internal peace, and nourishing your soul. 

And now I want to help you, too. I’m not just a coach. I’m a cheerleader, a support system, and a friend. I will be by your side every step of the way. Let’s do this!

My story

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